Alumni Privilege Card

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The Alumni Privilege Card is more than just an identification card. It carries with it certain perks and privileges available to members and its immediate family members. Alumni Privilege Cards are available for claiming a few weeks after graduation and shall be announced on SPCBA’s Verified Page on Facebook once available.

College graduates from Batch 2014 onwards are automatically issued an Alumni Card valid for 1 year. Graduates from previous batches may apply for an Alumni Card or Renewal by doing the following:

  • Fill out the Alumni Card form at the APLO Office or by visiting this link
  • Pay Application Fee at the Cashier’s Office.
  • Proceed to the IMD for pictorial. Please come in a collared shirt (Polo Shirts, Polo) or casual business attire.

  • Exclusive Perks and Priveleges:

  • 5% Discount in all transactions regarding Personal Records (Diploma, TOR, GMC) with SPCBA.
  • 5% Tuition Fee Discount in favor of any immediate family member/relative of the alumni enrolled in SPCBA Senior High School or College.
  • 10% Graduate School of Business Tuition Fee Discount in favor of the alumni cardholder.
  • More merchants and store to offer very soon!